PPHB provides both sell-side and buy-side advisory services.


PPHB provides customized sell-side advisory services to public and private energy service companies and their shareholders. We work closely with clients to understand their objectives and then develop solutions that range from broad auctions to focused, negotiated transactions with a single or select group of potential buyers. Processes can vary widely based on many factors including the size and stage of the business, markets served, technologies and shareholders’ desires. Processes can be targeted or can include a broad set of potential buyers. With our history, PPHB has developed a deep pool of buyers, both strategic and private equity, who are interested in our transactions.


Although PPHB most frequently advises on the sell-side, the firm has assisted both institutional private equity firms and public companies on buy-side mandates. In these situations, PPHB’s market knowledge and relationships with targets can prove valuable in expediting transactions. In addition to advising on valuation and structure and providing assistance negotiating terms, PPHB can also provide boards and investment committees with additional industry insight on markets and comparable transactions.